Looking for a new house and an appartment in Malmø

Because the house is far away and expensive we are there maybe 5 days a month for 8000kr its expencive. And an appartment in Malmø I want so I can start to work again it will be cheaper then hotell in the long run. I mean i can just go for one night and make a lot of money i cant sit on my ass anymore its just difficult to get away and do stuff when im all the time with my ex and he would go crazy it he knew. So I need to manage somehow someway to start working at least 1-2 days a weak im sick of being broke im never broke i always make money if i dont have but bnow im like handicapped. And i dont like it. It needs to stop here. I have a friend that want to come work with me also we could make a lot of money together It would be great but yu can not trust theese peaople they say yes and then they dissapear because theu got high or something if i say it i mean it.

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