puh what a day

I have done so much today its crazy i started work again on sexlir.dk and started to talk to some old customers see if i can make some cashing cashing i need it. I know i can i just dont know how with my ex behind me all the time im never alone but maybe tomorrow i can take to malmø for some hours and make some cash it would be good. My shoes i ordered i dont know what adress i have write but they went wrong and are sent back im so sad but now they contacted me and want to give me a new delivery so im glad about that because its no refunds for 99 dollar shoes. That is so amazing. No one is like home mmy neighbours guy is out of jail so shes with him ofcourse my other neighbour is hiding because she owns me two mathadone. The third neighbour only speaks with me when she wants something so i guess shes ok today because havent seen her ass. ahhhh shes home but dont open and i need thoose fucking pills so annoying. But what the fuck life is life im used to struggle. I bought new bed clothing and towels today going to sleep clean and nice today. And tomorrow im washing have like 6 big black bags with clothes puhaaaaa…… and have meeting with the social over the phone, so redicolous. But it needs to be done. Im nr 4 in list to get an appartment im so glad soon i will get my own place i need to start to prepare i need to ave at least 4 air cleaners like big ones not like the small ones i have like the one for 2999:- or at least 4 for 1400:- i have one and tomorrow i buy a new. Then end of month i buy a new and so on. So when i get my apartment i shall have enough aircleaners for my dog not to get sick of this fucking shit. Im goint to get everything you can get to prevent this poison asbest and shit im so sick of it. So whatever it takes ill make it. I will look at proffessional ones in internet now. One sec n i be back…

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