Hej and sorry

Hey all i want to say sorry i been so bad at putting out new posts, but my computer is broken and im broke this month so cant afford to fix it, cant afford shit this month and the shoes i ordered came to the wrong shop so they are sent back now with no refund and i dont know when i have money for that again its a big chaos, i dont really know were to go or what to do its just keep hanging on and keep the eye on the prize although it might take a little longer time, because im broke as, and its going to get better when i dont pay 6000 for an apartment i havent lived in since december, its 6000 out of 9000 thats to much. So in december will it start to get better when im no longer paying for it.. I hope u are patient i will ofcourse asap come up with new fucked up posts and photos n videos. Id like to know what u like, dont like like to see more of and so on. Cuz i have no idea im lost in translation haha but its cool though because then im just being myself and if people like that that’s a kick ass kick hehe… Im sitting in sundholmen without joint paper without food and drink im going crazy and my bitch ass neighbour that has my heater and speakers boyfriend (the same guy i hocked up with that i made a video for hehe) came out from jail today so shes not home ofcourse shes getting dick and lots of it, little jalouse hehe. but what can i do, i can go the the crazy ass neighbour that started to cry because the ritalin costed 10crowns more then she wanted and “was disappointed in me” and we haven’t really talked since then. But a brive is always a good thing she can get a ritalin and i can get a joint paper and get high on my own supply watching funny shit on netflix or something, i wanna feel free do what i want to without al this limitations do this do that sit still move ahhhhhhh my man making me crazy with his obsession to control everything every little move. But hey hey i got to borrow a computer and write to all yall and im happy for that and la is not out of the question i just need to order shoes again…. Whaaaaoouuuu but life is a bitch so what should i expect that i can pay for a fucking expensive shoes and get them oh no thats to much to ask, i need to fightfor everything i swear. But i think to go to the shop tomorrow and hope they haven’t send them back in that case i need to contact the sellers but they dont have any info at all on their page and the shoes are not even from them so its no refund fuckkkkkk!!! What shall i do it was my ticket to LA. But John says he have saved some of my stripper shoes i just need to hope for that or i order new ones next month. Fucking annoying they were so nice also. Man im sad. But what can you do cry over spild milk hell no… Im gona work harder and im going to get there. Nothing can stop me ohhh yeaaahh,,, my neighbour can also make braids and she said to new year my heair will be long enough to be able to make extensions so we will make my hair then thats cool.

Sweat but psycho is playing and i love it it feels like me in that song i swear i love it “run dont walk away” “shes psycho a little bit psycho”

I think i’ve become a psychopath from being a sociopath its gets worse and worse, im ice fucking cold right now. I would beat a class full off people because i dont get frighten scared dont fear pain and dont give a shit if i win or loose die or live i just know I will do EVERYTHING i possible could to make it as hard as fucking possible getting me down. Its about pride. I have had friends in different kind of areas gangs u know ets, gangsters criminals murderers all types, been kidnapped myself three times. So I know the type out there and that have learned me to survive in a fucked up way in a way were everything you do has an outcome to whether you will live or not, get home or not. One guy took me from the stripclub me and a friend were going together so all the sudden we were going to meet all the others some place and took his car but no no he drove out of the fucking city out in the country no busses neighbours nada. Fuck ok i play it out deink laugh haha take coke, light outside shes nine in the morning my dog been home alone since before work the day before. . Wow he was CRAZYYYYY, he raped me then he asked to marry me drove me to another house that was building new from scratch, that was going to be my house because he had a girlfriend so i couldnt live with him.. I should move in straight away, n remember when he put me in his friends car and drove to Helsingborg i cred and begged them to put me off in copenhagen but i saw the city in the review shit also. Sit in helsingborg he buys me roses introduces me as his girlfriend i was like what. On the way back i tried to open the car while driving to jump out while passing copenhagen, but it was locked, then the friend got paranoid, hey i cat have a girl here against her will this is to much man. Shut up and drive u just do as i say and the guy just kept quiet although me crying begging for help. No we ended up in the house again 24 hours past no sleep party all the time, so i manage to convince him i need to at least get my dog if i was going to live there, so he said lets pick it up, im to drunk u drive, Ok i got nervous no driver license custom etc, And on the way he told me he loved me i remember thinking, you dont even know my name, which he didnt, he knew my stage name, thats how sad it was. So finally he fell asleep a parked the car a bit from my house, got the fuck out of the car ran as fast as i can opened the door downstairs took the elevator open the door upstate and then the door to my flat. Fuck i got AWAY. He can never come in. So i needed to wIL TO TAKE THE DOG OUT til i new he was gone. After that night i didn’t work for a while because he said if u continue working there i kill you and blow the whole fucking cub up. So the cub was fully understanding. It was a good working place, i iss it. I cant said i had a boring life at least working there. I need to start work again i go crazy. I need to go la i have ordered new shoe on johns card oops…. but i pay him back it was just that it was the last card i used o it was programmed in. But they are hot, see threw high heels under knee, totally see threw really high suuper high. Mmmhhh love it. Tomorrow we going to hotel and will sleep one night there it will be nice get away for a wile. I manage to make 450kr now on ritalin and hasch. But im going to malmo meet sme customers must work man this is shit.. So i try go this week. Maybe tomorrow. Need to send some texts. Kisses

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