the true side of people shows when there weaknesses come, money,

Hey i sleep in sundholmen tonight again, so i got like 20 ritalin today and the last two days is the only 2 days since moving in i havent had hasch, and i asked people but got nothing, but when i have EVERY SINGLE DAY I MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS THEIR KLUMP TO BED, I SIT AWAKE FOR SOMETHING THAT COST U 30KR, I JUST GAVE U STUFF FOR 500. AND I CANT GET HELP ONE DAY. NOO BUT WHEN MY NEIBHOUR WHO I ASKED FOR HASCH YESTERDAY THAT SAID SHE DIDNT HAVE FOUND OUT ABOUT THE RITALIN, W were all the sudden best friends and she wantef to buy, the normal price here is 100kr for 40mg i said 150 for three 50 mg witch is 50 kr cheaper for each 100. so she said really that much i said i take 50 ofcourse its because its u so she cryied n flipped out n said she was disappointed should i really try to make money on her like that. hey shes not my friend she talks to me when need something. So why the fuck should i give them to her for no money at all when i use them myself, døøøøh so can i just take them myself if im not gonna mek money on it. My boyfriend is trusting me n hoping i can do some money cuz people are buying this shit. So now all the sudden its ok he take that price but me no then im egoistic even that im cheaper im a bitch. Im like in chock now after this actor play she starts crying like a five year old shes like 55, and says shes disappointed in me. I mean hello. We dont even fucking know eachother, just because i have n can get shit doesnt mean its for everybody, find out urself how to get it dont live on me, i have worked my ass off to come were i am n im not giving it up for a fucking actor bitch trying to manipulate n play on my feelings and fear. FUCK THAT SHIT GOODNIGHT BITCH

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