Treatment, and institution

I been Ib institutions for sig years totally so it’s normal that when I get locked inside only for three weeks. My brain go in the mood institution damaged. And I get scared for coming out to manage all by myself. Can I handle that? Will I fall back? I know if I go sundhomen I will go back to putting shut in my veins. Slowly but fast killing myself. Because I already feel like maybe I should go there one last time and take the last fiks it’s only that it’s been the last time for 500.000 times ago now. Every dayi say the same do the same. So I can feel better doing it because it’s the last one… Fucking eyyy, I have to many people who needs revenge for their actions. What comes around goes around.

Now they want to write me out of here tomorrow I will go crazy. I need to have a plan for coming out not just going out to the street or subdholmen. I need to get away. And here I’m free as a bird at the same time I’m locked in. Does it make sense? It’s a quiet place were you just goes around waTching TV, going out smoking on the big terasse, watching Netflix movie. When it’s medicine time they come to you with the pills, when it’s food you only go to the dining room and take a plate and eat from the delicious buffe. Everything is for free. When you go shower you take clean clothes from a cabinet and two towels. The dirty you throw in a washing basket. You don’t do dishes. Wash clothes, you Have time to heal. Eat good, sleep good, beome healthy. I workout everyday as well and it’s going really good. I got My pms today and I have not have that for 8-10 years. And then they want to kick me out so I shall fall back again or what? I don’t want to I want to be more stronger and stabilized as possible. I love you guys. Sorry for a boring blog posts. You cannot always be on top 😂 but hey yesterday I had 450 visitor’s something. Nice I had 800 one day it was 😎 cool. But 400 is not bad. But please join my community and comment so I know if I do something wrong, good or bad. Now I need to smash my Ritalin to powder so it can fly up my cute Little nose . See you at 23.00 live from


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