Managed to fuck it UP

Cannot og in to my fucking website so needed to make this one and then make a link to the original site totally wild you know. But life is shit sometimes haha, no im good chilli with a joint and some music having a cozy night, looking at my porno movies I get totally turned on its totaly strange but fuck they are HOT!!

My Linkedin account got clodsed for 5th time so now i need a break from starting it oer once more you go insane they do the same with facebook but wait til i have 5000 friends the max and then shut me down i meanji worked hard to fucking accept 1123 friend requests in a day one time, took me 2 hours. It was a ful work out. I was in a meeting with the organisation for renters of apartments thats the gouvernments. And he gave us the information we needed to go further with this shit that have take 6 months now and he said i shall not go and get ANYTHING FrOM THere its so fucking poisenes. im scared my dog is sick still she is loosing fur still and itches herself. My baby nothing can happen her, i will go psyjkopat on a lot of people. I mean i have no friends but 1000 enemies and im the nicest friendliest and giving person, if we are two i share al i have with you if u with me you get what i get and i do anything from you, haha i sleep in your room and i wake up u are gone with my new shoes, going home in socks, even low for u huh?! bitch

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