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Hey yall I have a fucked up time right now, everything is falling down and im not getting totally good STILL 6n months after i moved out of that shit place, i make my fucking dog sick cant have her here etc, but soon im trying cant take it no more missing her a lot my baby girl old english bulldog Kejser Kira Ki 

Hope yall had a good night im goig to put netflix on light my joint cloose down the lights and smoke til i pass out 

First i need to brush my teeth and get something to drink. Its strange how i only see my neighbours when they need something from u otherwise they hide so they think they not shall pay. Fuck that they will pay bitches. So i got an angry or disaproval comment today and im totaly sensitive because they blooked me on linkedin so i got totally sad its like everyone wants me to make a mistake. why amm i not allowed to have it good? i fought my whole life i cant more. please give me a break

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