Im a freak im a psycho im a girl im a junkie, im a pornstar im a whore

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Ive heard it all but middelfinger to all off you pointing finger at me, look at your own pathetiv lifes before coming trying to put me down. Woudnt change my life for anyones, i do exactly what i want to do and how many people dare to do that that doesnt only live their quiet lifes but they really would like to go spend 50.000 at a stripclub then fuck with to hot girls, i mean im living life as i like it her and now, now im more down im not so out there in the clubs and stuff but its because i want to wait to work til i have make my breast ts no pint starting before and after i want to go to LA and work there, after las vegas and after spain to kick back and chill wtth my fortune ive hopefuly made but im a surviver they caled me sunflower in the rehab because that flower is a weed and grows up from concreet i mean thats a pretty fuking good complement. But you know i give a shit about people hating when i have some people liking me at least you weigh up the negative bullshit 100% and your fucking loyal I swear I LOVE YOY and hope i could meet you all my babes. I am in a good mood today have arranged my room connected my tv and leaned and washing clothes, has four machines on right now, fuck its a lot man haha, but its nice when its done.

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