Oh lala

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Looking for a new house and an appartment in Malmø

Because the house is far away and expensive we are there maybe 5 days a month for 8000kr its expencive. And an appartment in Malmø I want so I can start to work again it will be cheaper then hotell in the long run. I mean i can just go for one night and make …

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Taking a fix need to stay awake freesing in my room

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puh what a day

I have done so much today its crazy i started work again on sexlir.dk and started to talk to some old customers see if i can make some cashing cashing i need it. I know i can i just dont know how with my ex behind me all the time im never alone but maybe …

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theese shoes i bought

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Hej and sorry

ich he didnt, he knew my stage name, thats how sad it was. So finally he fell asleep a parked the car a bit from my house, got the fuck out of the car ran as fast as i can opened the door downstairs took the elevator open the door upstate and then the door to my flat. Fuck i got AWAY. He can never come in. So i needed to wIL TO TAKE THE DOG OUT til i new he was gone. After that night i didn’t work for a while because he said if u continue working there i kill you and blow the whole fucking cub up. So the cub was fully understanding. It was a good working place, i iss it. I cant said i had a boring life at least working there. I need to start work again i go crazy. I need to go la i have ordered new shoe on johns card oops…. but i pay him back it was just that it was the last card i used o it was programmed in. But they are hot, see threw high heels under knee, totally see threw really high suuper high. Mmmhhh love it. Tomorrow we going to hotel and will sleep one night there it will be nice get away for a wile. I manage to make 450kr now on ritalin and hasch. But im going to malmo meet sme cu

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te night is young n i know she will be back what do u think will happen??

Now u can all take a guess about whats going to happen to this situation here can be interesting

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the true side of people shows when there weaknesses come, money,

Hey i sleep in sundholmen tonight again, so i got like 20 ritalin today and the last two days is the only 2 days since moving in i havent had hasch, and i asked people but got nothing, but when i have EVERY SINGLE DAY I MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS THEIR KLUMP TO BED, I …

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